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   TimberForm uses Playground Equipment Grade coastal Douglas fir which is free-of-heart-center (F.O.H.C.). Douglas fir is a tough and durable structural species ideally suited to the demands of playground use when a premium grade is used. It will vary in color from shades of salmon to ivory and eventually turn to a natural sable gray in outdoor settings. The F.O.H.C. specification is critically important. Timber containing the tree's heart or pith will perform poorly in time and have a short useful life. After seasoning, smooth dressing and fabrication, all wood components are inspected for appearance and suitability for play. All TimberForm timber posts undergo MaxTreat processing prior to pressure-preservative treatment. MaxTreat is an exclusive fabrication procedure that includes two steps, incising and kerfing. When combined, these two steps greatly enhance pressure-preservative treatment and retention in the sensitive groundline area of embedded posts.
Wood Preservative
   All wood components used on our Play Areas, Separates and Accessories are pressure-preservatively treated after all fabrication is completed with a child-friendly wood preservative. We do not and have never used arsenic-based wood preservative
Conserving and Enhancing America's Forests
   TimberForm “Playground Equipment Grade” timber is obtained by Columbia Cascade from Northwest America sources that adhere to strict and ecologically sound sustained yield practices. For every tree felled for playground equipment use, at least three superior seedlings are planted and available to future generations of players.
 Themed Playgrounds
   Most Themed Playgrounds are available in metal (PipeLine), wood (TimberForm) or 100% post-consumer recycled plastic (RePlay). Choose from those illustrated on this website or we'll assist you in creating a unique playground based upon your specific motif. A team of experienced designers is standing by ready to help.
PipeLine & InterPlay
   PipeLine and InterPlay playground equipment is designed to last. We start with thick-walled 4-1/2” (114mm) diameter Schedule 40 steel pipe posts rather than thin-walled tubing. Smoothly formed aluminum alloy collars are bolted and pinned with stainless steel hardware. The PipeLine connection system is free of sharp edges and protrusions, providing a child-friendly yet rigid connection between posts, rails and accessories. Exposed post tops are factory capped with cast aluminum domes. Compare these specifications with all others and you'll see why PipeLine and InterPlay are recognized as “The toughest metal play system in the world.
   To better withstand the rigors of tough city life, most PipeLine Play Areas can be specified with steel decks and all metal accessories rather than ubiquitous plastic seen on our competitors' offerings. When combined with our Schedule 40 steel pipe the result is a truly “Urban Fit” playground.
A2Z Play
   Support posts are strong, tough 3” x 3” steel with rounded edges. The exposed ends are smoothly and permanently capped (welded in place). Decks are manufactured from 11-gauge steel that is fully fabricated with symmetrical perforations (to drain), skirting, welded and finished with a durable, weatherproof, SofDek child-friendly plastic coating. Horizontal guard rails and deck enclosure barriers are Schedule 40 steel pipe just like our other public playground equipment. Graphic and peek-a-boo panels are laminated, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic panels. Graphics are achieved by exposing a second color sandwiched between complementary “faces.” Hence, as no paint is used, the graphics never rub off or peel.
Plastic slide chutes are public park quality. Manufacturers of ordinary early childhood equipment often incorporate flimsy, vacuum-formed slides suitable only for light-duty home use.
Lead-Free Powder Coating
   All TimberForm, RePlay, PipeLine, InterPlay and A2Z Play “colored” metal is finished with CASPAX-7 lead-free powder coating. The tough, minimum 6 mil thick coating offers lasting playground performance far superior to liquid finishes.
  CASPAX-7 provides thick, rich colors that are ultraviolet (UV) stabilized, durable and smooth— free from runs, drips or sags. This dry finishing process emits no volatile solvents to the atmosphere and is ecologically sound.
   All metal products and components are offered in ten desirable ColorCard colors (view Standard Metal Color Options shown below all products) plus a spectrum of over 200 designer colors (ColorBook Metal Color Options).
   RePlay plastic timbers are made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. Recycled plastic is the environmentally friendly choice today when selecting new playground equipment. TimberForm RePlay posts and beams are extruded (not molded) from high density polyethylene (H.D.P.E.). The result is a dense, strong member with uniform surface texture and color throughout so maintenance will be minimal.
   Stainless steel TimGrip bolts, that provide secure, durable assembly of RePlay structures are furnished as standard. Unlike regular timber bolts, TimGrip hardware has unique thread geometry especially designed, tested and proven to securely and permanently grip recycled H.D.P.E. plastic. Recycled plastic/waste wood composite lumber decking is available as an option to SofDek steel decks.
SofDek Steel Decks
   For added durability, TimberForm, RePlay and PipeLine play structures feature state of the art SofDek plastic-coated perforated steel decks as standard. SofDek lead-free coating provides a durable, textured surface that shields sensitive hands and bare feet from the effects of extreme hot or cold surfaces.
Plastic Accessories
   Rotationally-molded plastic products that accessorize TimberForm & PipeLine playground equipment are the finest available. Slide Chutes, Tunnel Crawls, Panels and cylindrical accessories such as Tic-Tac-Toe panels are manufactured from hot-compounded medium density polyethylene (M.D.P.E.). Hot-compounding assures uniform coloration within each part and from part to part. Hot-compounding also imparts superior ultraviolet (UV) resistance to minimize the fading effects of the sun's rays. Maximum UV protection also enhances the strength properties of MDPE. The final wall-thickness of our rotationally-molded plastic accessories is 50% thicker than the industry standard low density polyethylene (L.D.P.E.) maximizing strength, durability and long useful life. Columbia Cascade playground plastics are free of PVC and phthalates.
Community-Built TimberForm and RePlay Playgrounds
   Community leaders are changing the face of playgrounds everywhere and TimberForm and RePlay make it easier than ever. Neighbors using readily available home tools can assemble most structures in less than a day. The need for many concreted posts is dramatically reduced allowing for much simpler and quicker installation by volunteers.
How to Use This Website
   Within this website, you'll find selections of TimberForm, RePlay, PipeLine, InterPlay, Themed and A2Z Play play areas. Hundreds of play accessories are also illustrated. All play systems are modular in design and most accessories are interchangeable, between different systems. This modularity provides the opportunity to create a Play Area that will fulfill the uncompromised needs of the users, the specifier and the owner. The Play Areas presented in this catalog are just the beginning. We encourage choosing features from several models and melding them into your own unique design. Our design team is ready to assist you.
Custom Design Service
   Almost 100 pre-designed Play Areas appear on this website, but sometimes a very different solution is desired or required. With talented and experienced staff, Columbia Cascade has always been at the forefront in the creation of custom Play Areas that address specific needs, styles and/or budget considerations. Trained people are available to assist the professional designer or recreator in creating a site- specific custom play facility. Examples of previous creations are shown on the Gallery pages indicated on the top of all web pages.
Regional Representatives
   We maintain and support a worldwide network of experienced women and men who are familiar with all of our products and are supported by experienced headquarters personnel. Their expertise and assistance regarding budget concerns, product selection, orientation on the site, correct installation and safety related matters can be very beneficial, particularly during the early planning and specifying stages of a project. Planning, fund-raising aids and supervision for community-built playgrounds is offered by our regional representatives.
Made in the U.S.A.
   Although Columbia Cascade playground equipment is distributed worldwide, all products are fabricated and finished in the USA's Pacific Northwest.
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